Canine Influenza

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We all know somone who is suffering from the dreaded FLU. Alot of owners have recently brought up this topic regarding their dogs. While there isn't a direct threat here in North Branch there is always a chance that it may eventually get here.
* There is currently two known strains of canine influenza- H3N2 and H3N8. The H3N2  strain is the most recently discovered strain, and is the main culprit of the 2015 influenza outbreak in the Chicago area. 
* In 2015  cases of the H3N8 were reported in 41 states. 
* In 2015 cases of the H3N2  were reported in 25 states.

* At this time we are  not carrying the vaccine here at our office but have the ability to get it. Our office did have some clients request it and we were able to get it without a problem. If you are traveling out side of Michigan and your dog may be at risk  staying at a daycare, boarding, or congregating with other dogs contact us and we will determine their risk factors.